Drupal 6 Forms date_select element

Following is the right way to define a form element based on day/month/year selectors in Drupal 6. The ‘date_select’ element is brought by the Date API module.

    $format = 'd/m/Y';

    $form['date_of_birth'] = array(
        '#type' => 'date_select',.
        '#title' => t('Date of birth'),
        '#default_value' => date($format, time()),
        '#date_format' => $format,
        '#date_label_position' => 'within', // Other options in date_api_elements.inc
        '#date_timezone' => 'Europe/Madrid', 
        '#date_increment' => 15, .
        '#date_year_range' => '-80:0',
        '#prefix' =>'<div class="prefix">',
        '#suffix' => '</div>',

2 thoughts on “Drupal 6 Forms date_select element

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