Removing View in Browser action in Alfresco 4.2

While the preview feature enables you to view and navigate a content item directly in the application, you also have the option of viewing the item in your default browser.


This action may sometimes not work with Internet Explorer on Windows Vista/7 as documented in the Alfresco docs:

When attempting to view a Microsoft Office document on a Windows machine, you may find that you are prompted for authentication details, even though you are already logged into Alfresco Share. To enable automatic authentication, you should follow the instructions in to add the name of the Alfresco Share server to the AuthForwardServerList registry entry. If using Internet Explorer, you should also add the Alfresco Share server to the Local Intranet security zone.

This causes Alfresco to prompt you for your authentication details again and again and the document is sometimes never accesible.

After followed the instructions from Microsoft on Windows 7, it didn’t work so I decided to take that action out from both the Document Library Browse view and in the Details view (Dead dogs don’t bite):


The solution is to add the following code to your share-config-custom.xml, normally located in ${ALFRESCO_HOME}/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension (you will have to create the file if it does not exist):

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibActions">
      <action id="view-in-explorer">

         <!-- View document in browser -->
         <action id="document-view-content" type="link" label="actions.document.view">


         <actionGroup id="document-browse">
            <action index="100" id="document-download" />
            <action index="120" id="document-locate" />
            <action index="130" id="document-edit-properties" />
            <action index="140" id="document-upload-new-version" />
            <action index="150" id="document-view-original" />
            <action index="160" id="document-view-working-copy" />
            <action index="170" id="document-approve" />
            <action index="180" id="document-reject" />
            <action index="190" id="document-inline-edit" />
            <action index="200" id="document-edit-online" />
            <action index="210" id="document-edit-offline" />
            <action index="220" id="document-view-googledoc" />
            <action index="230" id="document-checkout-to-googledocs" />
            <action index="240" id="document-checkin-from-googledocs" />
            <action index="250" id="document-copy-to" />
            <action index="260" id="document-move-to" />
            <action index="270" id="document-delete" />
            <action index="280" id="document-assign-workflow" />
            <action index="290" id="document-cancel-editing" />
            <action index="300" id="document-publish" />
            <action index="310" id="document-view-googlemaps" />
            <action index="320" id="document-view-in-source-repository" />
            <action index="330" id="document-cloud-sync" />
            <action index="340" id="document-cloud-unsync" />
            <action index="350" id="document-view-in-cloud" />
            <action index="360" id="document-request-sync"/>

           <actionGroup id="document-details">
            <action index="100" id="document-download" />
            <action index="120" id="document-edit-metadata" />
            <action index="130" id="document-upload-new-version" />
            <action index="140" id="document-view-original" />
            <action index="150" id="document-view-working-copy" />
            <action index="160" id="document-approve" />
            <action index="170" id="document-reject" />
            <action index="180" id="document-inline-edit" />
            <action index="190" id="document-edit-online" />
            <action index="200" id="document-edit-offline" />
            <action index="210" id="document-view-googledoc" />
            <action index="220" id="document-checkout-to-googledocs" />
            <action index="230" id="document-checkin-from-googledocs" />
            <action index="240" id="document-copy-to" />
            <action index="250" id="document-move-to" />
            <action index="260" id="document-delete" />
            <action index="270" id="document-assign-workflow" />
            <action index="280" id="document-cancel-editing" />
            <action index="290" id="document-manage-site-permissions" />
            <action index="300" id="document-manage-repo-permissions" />
            <action index="310" id="document-manage-aspects" />
            <action index="320" id="document-change-type" />
            <action index="330" id="document-view-in-source-repository" />
            <action index="340" id="document-publish" />
            <action index="350" id="document-view-googlemaps" />
            <action index="360" id="document-cloud-sync" />
            <action index="370" id="document-cloud-unsync" />
            <action index="380" id="document-view-in-cloud" />
            <action index="390" id="document-request-sync"/>



3 thoughts on “Removing View in Browser action in Alfresco 4.2

  1. Hola,
    Muchas gracias por el post, me ha sido útil.
    Solo tengo un problema, no he podido ocultar las siguientes acciones:
    * Administrar permisos
    * Editar propiedades
    * Editar en MS Office
    * Editar en Google docs
    Supongo que el problema puede ser el nombre de las id, pero no encuentro dichos nombres ni el sitio dónde buscarlos.
    Te agradezco anticipadamente tu ayuda.

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